PTFE Gasket

PTFE Gaskets used in high temperature application like Reactors, Glass lined equipments, Valves etc. In Chemical plants, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizer plants where temperature is in range of 250 C require such type of gaskets. These are available in 1 to 50 mm Thickness. We are indulged in offering PTFE Gasket to our clients. Our gaskets are corrosion resistant, odourless and non-contaminating. These are best to use even in harsh conditions of acids, alkali, chlorine gas and organic solvents up to the specific temperature. PTFE is principally used as a gasket material because of its capability to remain unaffected by the majority of chemicals used in industry. PTFE Gaskets is also classified, in most cases, as a food grade material, making it acceptable to both medical and food production industries. There are three basic types of Teflon gasket materials Virgin PTFE, Filled PTFE and Expanded PTFE.