Rod Seal / Piston Seal

We are trusted name in manufacturing Hydraulic Seals made from Nitrile, Neoprene, Viton and Polyurethane, These rod seals are the ones found in the hydraulic cylinder. The rod seal is often the decisive factor for the function of the hydraulic cylinder in its entirety. The rod seal is the most critical seal on any type of fluid energy equipment. The rod seal is designed (depending on the application) to ensure that pressurized fluid does not leak out of the gland. Our rod seal are for both single acting and double acting. Piston Seals are used to seal pressurized fluid or air between the piston and the bore in a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder.
Single Acting Seal : These seals are capable of sealing dynamic pressure from one side only, with gravity or a spring returning the cylinder. Single acting piston seals are U-Seals, Energised U-Seals, U-Cup Seals. The most common material for single acting piston seals is PU(Polyurethane) but other available materials include NBR, FKM and Neoprene.
Double Acting Seal : Double-acting piston seals are capable of sealing dynamic pressure from both sides. They are symmetrical and their sealing functions are identical in both directions. We offer a range of differing qualities and designs of double-acting piston seals.